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This is the 10th anniversary of David's death. It is another occasion of reflection on his life and our loss. That loss has now been tempered by time. Good memories of Dave have taken their rightful place. It was inevitable that we would arrive at this stage of acceptance.

Those of us who knew Dave hold dear our own special memories of him. We all agree he had a rapier like wit. And we all have stories where a comment by Dave became a punch line remembered for years afterward. He was an observer of people and his own culture. He was always reading biographies, art theory and criticism, newspapers/sites, online postings and commenting on what provoked him.

Most of his humour was reactive to the absurdities he saw around him. But, he could sit down and write to be funny and often did so for his own amusement.  He could have been a writer.  If he had stayed in the Advertising stream at O.C.A.D. back in second year he probably would have been a creative director and used his writing skills. He admired stand-up comedians and talk show hosts of the 70's & 80's. He could have found a niche for himself as one – a bit of Cavett and Carson plus some Letterman – The David Buller Show.

I still find it unbelievable that he was murdered in the manner he was by someone who knew and planned to kill him.

Our loss as family and friends of David is egregious – the act of murder outrageous.

What continues to sadden me is that David had so much to share as a friend and give as a teacher. So many students have been deprived his knowledge, insight and humour. And, they don't know what they missed out on.

David as an artist? It's hard to imagine a fifty-year old as an "emerging artist" but in my opinion David was just that. (Think of the great American teacher and artist Hans Hofmann.)

After a major show of paintings fizzled and went unnoticed by the culturati David recognized painting couldn't be the centre of his work. (Painting was dead – again.) David began to transform his work. He took photos to generate images and ideas. Words began to appear on his canvases. Images and words were bonded through paint. He had transformed himself into a mature artist with years of Work ahead of him.

I often think about David's art work and what it would be like if events had been different. The Work would be like the man who created it  –  intelligent, insightful, intimate, relevant and often playful.


Paul Casselman
January 18th, 2011

My name is West Suhanic. I was a friend of your uncle. We were just starting to become better friends when he was murdered. Even 10 years on, I feel deprived of a friendship that would have grown.

I still miss him. His obituary is still on my fridge. I can't/won't take it down. 

I am sending you this email because I want you and your family to know that Dave may be missing but he is not and will not be forgotten. 

Best regards,
West and Eduarda Suhanic
Jan 17, 2011
Ten years after his death, my uncle is still acutely missed by family and friends. It seems like yesterday that he was with us - making us